Ann Scarborough

* * *

We give thanks for our sister in Christ

who was found to have a very advanced cancer in two places in her body
when she returned to the U.K. on a flying visit from Australia about three years ago

Ann came back to Australia, and after time with having radio therapy and chemo therapy,
and in and out of hospital, was finally transferred to a hospice, being moved there several weeks ago,
where she passed into the presence of her beloved Lord around 3am
Saturday 28th May 2005, South Australian Time.

We are thankful for her being in the hands of the Lord she knows so well.



On several occasions, the number of participants reduced to two.
We may hear Ann presenting the song she loved so dearly from this work as a duet.
The occasion was at the Valley View Nursing Home on Australia Day, Friday 26th January 1999,
although the technical quality of the recording was poor.

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