Highlights by a small vocal group
singing an abbreviated version
of "The Jerusalem Passion"
in homes for the elderly around Adelaide

* * *

Where have we been?

In chronological order... but at a number we have no photographic record, unfortunately...

The Branches Outreach (Modbury West)

12th December 1993 (trial duets)
and 19th February 1994

No photographs available

Hawker Street Mission Outreach (Bowden)

mid 1997 (trial trio)

No photographs available

"Bellara" Community in Newton

14th November 1997

No photographs available

Warrina Park Community (at Paradise)

8th May 1998

No photographs available -
although they did shoot a video for the benefit of the residents which has been digitised for downloading here.

Gleneagles Nursing Home (in Hope Valley)

5th June 1998

Hope Valley Lutheran Nursing Home

22nd June 1998

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