Highlights from the Jerusalem Passion oratorio
presented in Adelaide Nursing Homes

This CD was created from tracks on a multi-track recording which was made
and mixed in memory of one of the three participants


Please note that this is not a carefully crafted studio recording.
It was produced hurriedly as a record of what we as a group sounded like,
and reflecting the enthusiasm we had for the work and the message it bore

We have noticed that there is even a You-Tube video someone produced
and which VisionOne on its website acknowledges,
so we are confident that there is no copyright breach

You can see from the label that the copyright is acknowledged as Vision One Inc.



Track 1
About the CD

Track 2
Overture (arranged)

Track 3
Intro to First bracket

Track 4
narrations: Sweet Galilee - One Shepherd, One Flock
5: Shepherd's Song

Track 5
6: They Shall be One (arranged)

Track 6
Narrations: Galilee Farewell & My Temple: My Body

Track 7
11: In Your Name

Track 8
Narration: The Cup)
13: The Lamb Most Pure (arranged)

Track 9
18:The Consolation (arranged)

Track 10
Intro to Second bracket

Track 11
Narration: My Body, My People
25: Where are the Eagles?

Track 12
Narration: Gather Now
27: The Hope of Unity

Track 13
Intro to Finale

Track 14
31: Communion Chorus


The CD was burned using a 2003-era Open Source software application called K3b
on an installation of SuSE Linux using the K Desktop Environment (aka KDE)

click here to use the same burn configuration file which has Album and Track information