Highlights from the Jerusalem Passion oratorio
presented by Quartet in Adelaide Nursing Homes

This video was created from a VHS recording which was
made by a nursing staff member for the benefit of residents at
Warrina Park ILU and RCF way back in 1998 - long before
people had home computers, mobile phones and tablets.
Indeed a "tablet" was medication in the form of a pill,
mobile phones were analogue rather than digital, and
personal computers did barely more than collect and send
text-only email with processors running at one tenth the speed
they do in 2017, with not enough memory to play digital video.

The copy that the staff member gave us was a very
welcome and unexpected gift, and is the only video
recording we have, and was a VHS tape to VHS tape
copy (there was no other affordable way to do it at
that time) and therefore the quality is poor compared with
the bells and whistles we expect nowadays.


This is not a carefully crafted studio recording. It does,
however, reflect the enthusiasm we had for the work,
and the message it bore, and showed what we looked
and sounded like, albeit when we were younger!

We noticed that there was even a You-Tube video someone
produced and which VisionOne's website acknowledged,
so we are confident that there is no copyright breach

We recognise the copyright holder as Vision One Inc.

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Track 1
Introduction & Overture (Soprano lead)

Track 2
I Am The Good Shepherd (Baritone lead)

Track 3
Declaration Anthem (Tenor lead)
They Shall Be One

Track 4
In Your Name (Baritone lead)

Track 5
The Lamb Most Pure (Tenor Arioso & Ladies lead)

Track 6
The Consolation (Soprano Duet)

Track 7
Narration: My Body, My People
Where Are The Eagles? (Tenor lead)

Track 8
Narration: Gather Now
The Hope of Unity (Tenor & Baritone lead)

Track 9
Communion Chorus
Tenor lead

Track 10
"Thank-you" speech (from Audience)



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Bracket 1

Bracket 2

Bracket 3


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Whole Recording


Many of the narrations and introductions were not filmed which was a pity
We have edited the tape to remove the audience participation at the close of each bracket.


This page created on 8th February 2017